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BUG: I fought the Lighthouse Ghoul. My Inquisitor's summoned Undead finished the Ghoul off, creating a poison pool, poisoning Wolgraff. When the fight was over, Wolgraff blamed my Inquisitor for the poison damage he took. It was from the ghoul's death poison pool, that should not be blamed on a player character .

STUPID: Why is Eglander's Inn door considered hostile to touch? I closed it to keep a stupid NPC from wandering in while I was pickpocketing his amulet. But his door is flagged as hostile.

And more fucking importantly, why is it that opening that door makes every NPC on the top floor of the tavern try to murder you? It's only the room of one guy, and he invited us in. NPC's should mind their own business. NPC's should not be suicidal. Go fetch the guards if you think there's a crime.

Also stupid: Lockpicking a locked door on that same tavern floor is NOT considered a crime, apparently. What.

On that note, the witch (I forget her name). If you choose to attack her (because Source Hunters apparently hunt witches, even though not all witches use source and then she's like "I only practice honest witchery" if you let her go.. I will never understand this "Source" nonsense) the entire floor goes hostile.

Now, her guard(s), sure. Random inn-staying NPC:s choosing to stick it up for the witch, fighting the much-lauded and heroic source hunters with their bare knuckles? Not so much.