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Yeah, in general non-combatants should only fight under certain circumstances. They should not suicidally attack well-armored warriors with their bare fists.


  • The AP cost previews for skills ONLY displays the cost for the skills in SKILL BAR 1, so if you are looking at a skill in skill bar 2, the AP preview will be WRONG because it is checking the skill in that position in SKILL BAR 1, not the current skill bar.
  • The AP cost previews for skills do NOT take into account penalties from the associated skill being too low, they only check against the base AP cost of the skill. Why? Fix this.
  • If you have more than 20 AP, it displays to the right of the AP bar. It looks ugly. Can you move those extra points to above the first row?

This should have been fixed MONTHS AGO. I am sure that there are a bunch of little tiny code fixes and tweaks like this that could easily have been added in small patches. You don't always have to wait 3 months and do everything in one gigantic patch.

I've stopped even trying to keep track of AP, I just look at what I can do and try to not think too much. When I do something more complicated, I just count all the little blips one by one.

I really, really, really wish there was just a goddamn counter. Roman numerals would be better than this.