Ummm... So I had Esmeralda arrested, and the next step SHOULD be to interrogate her in her cell... but whenever I try to talk with her, she hates me, and my only option is to offer her a bribe to soothe old wounds. Ummmm... NO! I am NOT going to bribe the prisoner!

So it seems that doing it that way means I can't get her to spill the info she has. Yes, I am well aware that it's not needed to advance the main plot, but I still think it's a bug.

Maybe if I am feeling generous, I will go to her shop, pack up all her crap into a box, and bribe her with the box of her own stuff. But I sure as hell ain't paying my own money and stuff to bribe her to advance the plot!

EDIT: Another good one.

I fought Dietmar's thugs on the beach. The second wave archer shot Bairdotr with a -3 Dexterity arrow. This meant that she could not use her bow, but it remained on her person. I skipped her turns until she could use it again, but when her turn came around, even though the bow was on her person, when she shot it, it was actually 3-5 shots for about 1/3 the damage of a full shot.

I think what happened was like when a melee weapon gets unequipped and when you attack, you end up doing three crappy unarmed attacks. The difference is that I could use these at range.

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