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Dairymoose feel free to ignore me entirely a second time, got all the time to waste:

Could you really not make an effort amounting to what? One minute time? And upload this to Nexus, MMODB, or whatever repository you deem personally preferable?
Already, less than a couple of weeks since i hinted at the issues of megaupload and its ilk, we have a Larian support member posting temporary links. Because yours were down.

What do you think will happen six months from now?

I have no objections if someone were to upload the program there themselves.
That being said I made this program and shared it freely asking nothing in return. I should not be obligated to do anything regarding this software since I am devoting my own time and research into this project and not expecting payment or soliciting donations.
Additionally, I have hosted all of my software, for this game and other software I have written in the past, on mediafire. If you are worried that the link will be broken in 10 years let me assuage that concern by saying it won't even matter considering Larian will probably change the save format again sometime within 10 years and it will break the program. So a broken link will be the least of the concerns if I happen to stop updating the program.