I just bought the game a couple of days ago and have not had much time to dig in yet. I'm interested in changing the appearance of henchmen with minimal disruption to game mechanics. The savegame editor seems to be the best solution for me. (Thanks Dairymoose!) It works flawlessly for me, but I am dismayed by paltry choice of henchman heads relative to the more extensive options for players' characters/Source Hunters (the ones you roll two of @ start). Is there a way to make 'regular' heads available to the savegame editor, please? While I have no experience modding DOS, I have modded other games fairly extensively. So if someone can point me in the right direction, I can run with it. Thanks for reading.

musings ...
(1) extract heads from pak (not sure I understand filename conventions)
(2) substitute chosen 'regular' head(s), 1 or 2, into henchman slots... I guess this might affect non-henchman NPC's if they use henchman heads. This is probably an acceptable side effect.
(3) potential pitfall: maybe henchman bodies aren't set up to match tints with regular heads?

perusing paks in editor ..., x=A,B,...,O y=D or S : PL -> player?, head textures, fem
CP_F_Head_x.gr2, x=A,B,...,F : CP -> companion/henchman?, head mesh, fem
NPC_F_N_Casual_Head_x.gr2, x=A,B,...,N : NPC -> maybe henchman dds point to these mesh?

I managed to extract desired textures from the pak's using the editor. I supplemented editor talent and skill modifications with photoshop eye color changes (henchman head 6 and player heads 3&4) to make an acceptable non-cheaty party. Weird how all the vanilla henchmen/player head skins have green eyes. Not anymore! Thanks very much, Dairymoose, for enabling me to play the game the way I want.

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