"First of all, we don't want to use a wrapper like Wine. We want to do it properly, but our own ambitions have been causing us quite a lot of pain."

If I would have known that the expectations were so low, that the game running natively is an ambition worth noting, I would have never backed this project (nevermind backing it twice as I did). I think that overall I have been quite understanding (yet unhappy) of the situation and don't plan on getting my money back yet. But you could spare me the b.s.

It is interesting to see that since I backed this, I have completely forsaken kickstarting any other games. I am honestly not angry (disappointed, yes) about it all...I understand that maybe you made a promise you couldn't keep--I just seem to have lost my ability to trust blindly. You need to understand that you made a commitment and by any reasonable standards, you most certainly didn't keep it. In doing so you not only tainted your image but that of the whole process that gave you so much. It was irresponsible. Saying that there is a "good" reason for it is missing the point in _such_ a naive way. It has been an entire year...and your excuse is that you don't want to give me a game wrapped in wine (which is not worth a cent of my hard-earned money) and you want to give me the best? It honestly astounds me. Keep these communications at "We are sorry...we decided that we wanted to do [this and that...] knowing that this will significantly delay the release. Despite our irresponsible promises, we still want to make Linux a first-class platform for this game."

Instead, you tried to make yourself look good from a situation that is 'meh' at best.

As a Linux user, but more importantly as a customer that has yet to run any binary sequence in this game...I just wish I felt a little more appreciated. I wish I got a more human answer and one that looks less like something from a suit in EA or Ubisoft. But I guess one customer from a platform with a small market share is a drop in the ocean.

I do hope you humble yourselves so as to understand why this situation is not ok. We all make mistakes and promises we can't keep. Integrity?