First, the way that the Kickstarter presented the was always implied that it would be a native port. As I mentioned, I would not pay a single cent to get a game wrapped in Wine...which already seems to work .

Considering that a native port was the minimum expectation by 100% of linux users who paid for this, I don't think mentioning so is very relevant. It is like someone building a car for me and after a delay just saying "...Oh, we are taking longer because we are building a car, not a motorcycle." Well, no sh**. it is completely superfluous because NOBODY expected any less.

Oh my! You promise me a car and you build me a car instead of a motorcycle! How unexpected, I now understand all the delays.

"If anything, expectations were too high..." It is possible that their engine makes a native port harder, and maybe their efforts deserve praise. But the reality is that they should have known from the beginning, and patting yourself (Larian) on the back regardless, does not inspire trust in me. From the perspective of a consumer, the expectation is a bare minimum. If this game had announced Linux support out of nowhere, I would have been impressed by his post. But their advertisement of multi-platform support is the sole reason they got my money (more money than I have payed for any of my ~180 native linux 'ports'. It has been a year.

To reiterate. I understand the situation, but the communication is tactless at best...