I think you need to cut them some slack @mbf

I too had a complaint originally (on a different matter, but again related to their KS goals)
Now i do not know what your experience with RPGs is, or related to that, how many you have happened to play, but let me tell you..
Once i saw just how much they -did- manage to do, and to what an extent they had pushed forward certain factors that were all but missing in "other" KS projects, not only did i excuse them, i actually felt gratified for what i got in the first place. What you see now took a shitload of work to achieve. More than most bother to put in in the first place.

Of course your arguments here will be reasonable: yes they did under-deliver, at least according to what they'd scheduled for, yes it is not right to have such a mentality (of leniency) as it can only endorse further goal "skippings" (which were indeed paid for). True, but in theory. Practice as always takes its own course. Paths branch out, and the odd exception takes place.

They are still working on the game, almost a year later, still patching, expanding, improving. And we do (or could have if bothered) know something of their history as a studio, and what they had had to overcome to get to where they are. It is rather safe to say that they are an exception to the rule. Thus far mind you. An exception they have not taken lightly, as they do apologise, acknowledge and continue to work so as to overule it.

Mistakes and delays will always happen. This is not a Molyneux-revisited. Maintain your judgement criteria, sure, but also realise how there may be original, honest, transparent issues that will cause problems, no matter the capabilities of those involved. They do their best to predict the future, and demand the equivalent price (man hours + licences) to meet it. No human has of yet managed to do that successfully. Predict the future smile

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