@nstgc I picked a random company...I wasn't comparing them directly. The point is that the post does not seem to come from someone who values transparency. I trust this is not the case.

@Raze That might be a better analogy for the entire situation, but not for the point I was trying to make. I want to believe them and therefore I can understand his "reasons" and your analogy seems appropriate. My analogy was merely meant to highlight how ridiculous it is to even hint at the idea that wine (making a motorcycle instead of a car) was a possibility. Granted, the analogy could have been better, but in my mind it still gets the point I want to make across.

I understand Lars mentioned it, maybe I should have quoted him instead. The concept afterwards is what matters here. They should have known, so own the mistake and leave it at that.

@Meganoth I fail to see how I am getting _more_ than expected. But of course, this depends on your expectations. My expectation are implicit (a few times rather explicit) in what I wrote before.

@Aenra Thanks for the post. I don't think I need to be more lenient than I am being, honestly. I am not attacking their decisions, or belittling their challenges and achievements. I am also not demanding my money back. It is ok that they made a mistake and promised more than they could deliver. But in communicating this, one should try to humble oneself and understand the ramification of those mistakes. I need to reiterate though, you are not "ambitious" for wanting to get something more than a wine wrapper..honestly...saying this is sad.

I should also note that while other kickstarter goals have not been met. This one in particular prevents me from playing this game at all.