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My analogy was merely meant to highlight how ridiculous it is to even hint at the idea that wine (making a motorcycle instead of a car) was a possibility.

@Meganoth I fail to see how I am getting _more_ than expected. But of course, this depends on your expectations. My expectation are implicit (a few times rather explicit) in what I wrote before.

I did notice that bit about wine too. I just don't think this remark is that important. A short reply that that was a bad excuse would be waranted, more is taking it out of proportions IMHO. Making excuses is human, and it seems he didn't even know that wine doesn't count as a linux version. EA marketing would have prevented such a faux pax by the way and printed lots of "we are sorry, we value our customers satisfaction..." without a shred of real background information in it ;-)

In my case there is also the fact that I'm still playing Wasteland2 and could play Pillars of Eternity afterwards, so it is easy for me to be patient. Obviously it is more frustrating for you.

Why do I think I'm getting more? As gamers linux users are still a small minority. For developers the decision to make a linux version is not an easy one and it wouldn't have been a surprise if Larian had simply dropped linux for their next games. IF everything is as Sven told us, they could have gone two ways: Make a linux version as fast as possible with whatever works, or produce a lasting solution that makes future linux versions so much easier. I can't judge how realistic solution a is, but I'm happy to find out that they decided to do solution b with the express intent to be able to create linux versions of future games.

I value four birds in the bush more than one in the hand in this case