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Which brings me to the second point, again from my view obviously. We have barely three (semi-major-ish) studios making AAA "true" RPGs as we speak. Three*. Dedicated on titles that take years of iteration alone. Forget the developing part prior to that. I think they deserve a support, since lacking it, i will be back to playing nothing at all. That's why i pay. Could torrent and call it a day, any day.

You are right. But if they don't deliver what they promised, they don't deserve to support them. Somebody wrote that they delivered more than expected?! No! I've paid for a Linux version and not for a promise. So I'm not willing to support this company anymore. Sorry guys! PoE is fun under Linux and I'll play this game for the next months. I don't need Divinity. Larian! One year after the official release is too late. I am not willing to wait any longer. Game over! Sorry frown

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