@Alfred E.: I didn't say they *delivered* more than expected. I said (in different words) I'm getting more out of it in the end (with an implied "if everything happens as expected"). Now it might mean I'm too optimistic or maybe I'm just not that different from people who bet their money in the stock market. It definitely means my tolerance to delays is far superior than yours ;-)

Anyway, I backed a lot of kickstarter games and some of them are long overdue. But eventually most of them will still result in a finished game. This is the nature of KS. You are involved in the production of a game from the start. Delays like this happen all the time in the games industry, only you don't experience them first hand if you are not involved in the production as early as with KS. Did you notice that GTA for PC will come out 1 1/2 years after the console version? The Duke (Duke Nukem fourever) was ~10 years in the pipeline. I could make a long list of games that took much longer than expected and I wouldn't even know about another long list of games that nobody ever knew came out late, or never.

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