@Aenra, I hope you did not just suggest that I buy windows and install it in a virtual machine to play the game. I hope I misread.

To reiterate to all the subsequent posters, some of which still seem to be under the impression that the problem here is my patience. I am still patiently waiting for the game. I don't expect every goal to be met. Hell, I didn't mind when some of the features did not get implemented. But considering that support on Linux is an all or nothing thing for me (and many people who backed the game), it seems disingenuous to mark it as a selling point. A sort of bait and switch. It is exactly the same as them not finishing the game at all. Now...this _could_ happen to a kickstarter game, and I could _lose_ my money. The question here is whether, when all is said and done, they deserve my understanding and my respect. edit: I should note, if they do finish the linux version, then I see it as them delivering everything I expected with my backing.

My main personal problem with this post is that I wish they showed some humility and spared me the bulls**t.

I hope they understand their wrongs and grow up from this experience. Respect all your customers and respect the platforms that enable your success...other developers depend on it.

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