You did not misread me am afraid.. smile
Although it was not meant in an offensive or even condescending a way, not at all.

You just reminded me of my early (when they were a true, real fortune) Apple days. Until i saw the light, and understood that occasionally going with the flow in some matters can actually be better. Alternatively, one bears with the consequences. I know how it sounds, was just saying that going for 'different' (linux) has costs. Unlike me back then, you, now, still have an option (even as a last resort) of actually running the software you wish to. Whether that's a case to make you happy or leave you uninterested..that is your prerogative. Since i can guess your reply, and i agree, don't even type it: smile

To go back to the issue at got my point, and we got yours. What remains is whether you are here simply to receive a personally addressed apology (which will not happen, though i am often wrong), or to strike up a conversation that is at this point beyond futile. Again no offense meant;

1) They do know, and they did apologise. In a number of forms. This OP by Swen being just one of them. Which is why i am saying that unless you somehow find yourself elevated among all others and as such demand a personal apology, i fail to see the point in continuing this. Your part as a consumer has already being done (demand, complain when entitled to, etc).

2) They have already (months prior) addressed this in a manner that precludes any future recurrences of such kind. Entailing obviously that:
a) point has been driven home (hence my saying 'at this point futile' above)
b) this event is one you will not have to face again. You as a customer. Not you as 'mbf'. There are a few thousand others mbfs at the exact same situation you are
c) the above standing, we can at the least say that everybody, Linux customers included, has already gained what can be gained from this. Namely that the games which will be coming out from now on will have more time spent on their gameplay features. Rather than their technical aspect. That is something you too, as mbf, will benefit from. This wasn't a 'one off', there's more titles coming.

finis. Your point is still valid. Your point has been made. Now what smile

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