@Aerna Eh, paying for a Microsoft license is not an alternative in any universe, even though I have nothing against the OS itself. The point of this post was never to get a personal apology, but to respond to the original post. Now what? Nothing. As you said, I made my point; the only reason I am responding is to address other people. I never meant to strike conversation (although I welcome it), I just wanted my opinion in here. I can only hope that it served the purpose I intended, which I will never know. In my mind it had to be said, so it is what it is.

You say that they get it, but that was my point. The original post implies that he still doesn't really understand all the issues. Does it warrant an extensive conversation? Perhaps not, but I still want to see someone speak up. I saw no one else do it, so I did. Is it having a conversation futile? Well, if my ONLY goal is for them to release the next game in a timely manner...yes. That was a mere corollary of one of my many points.

As a tangent. Linux has no "costs" for me, which I why I use it. I am a pragmatist and if there were any issues with my workflow, I would change it in a heartbeat. Games are not a high priority for me so I don't care if a game is or not on Linux. But I _did_ back this game, and I care about my money. More importantly, I care _who_ gets my money and that they accept it humbly謡ith all that it entails.

@Raze It is how it read to me (still does), and I doubt I'm the only one.

@faceplanter I don't think it looks so unsure. It is just a matter of time. Right now with all that Swen has said, it _has_ to happen. If it doesn't, then all he said is utterly meaningless and we can just forget Larian for good. I still believe he is a man of integrity and trust that we will get the game.

For now, I am just happy I got Torchlight II completely DRM/BS-free through HIB.

EDIT: My replies look so much shorter when I am in the process of writing them. orz

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