Normally I never complain about a game being too hard, but the final fight against the defected Bairdotr is so unfair it's just ridiculous. First of all it's really annoying to loose a party member you have invested so much in over the course of the game without being able to do shit about it. Both of my main Characters have the "obedient" trait, so there's no way to keep Bairdotr in the party.

Then the fight itself: A Lvl 14 party of 3 going against 2 Lvl 14 enemies (Bairdotr and her refound mentor) should be manageable - in theory. Here, the guy summons those gore animals that do insane amounts of damage, easily 200-300 HP per round against characters that have about 700-800 HP. Their resistances are sky-high, most crowd control spells like Fear fail against them at least 50% of the time. And although these are clearly summoned creatures, the Destroy Summon spell does not work against them, just shows "invalid target"! The river, though being a water surface, for whatever reason can't be targeted with electricity or freezing spells, so that the "using the environment" tactic doesn't work either. And to top it all off, Bairdotr and her buddy have absurdly high defence ratings, both against elemental and normal attacks. My Lvl 14 Fighter has a 50& hit chance against Bairdotr, even after using a strength potion, while against other Lvl 14 mobs he's got 90%-100%. Oh, and did I mention that you can't flee from the fight since there's no rift portal around?

This is just insane. If anybody has any solution for this mess I'd be really curious what it might be, but in my view the fight is unwinnable. It's simply broken. The only solution is to go back to an earlier savegame and never finish Bairdotr's quest. And if I should play this game a second time, I'll just leave that treacherous bitch to rot in her cage.