So much hate everywhere. I hate it wink

Thanks Larian for trying to make Linux version happen. Even if you don't make it with the release before I'll finish it, I'll still be happy, because I'm thinking about benefits for the whole platform and Linux community, not only for myself. I'm happy when the alternative OS gets stronger, and it's getting stronger with every title.

I think some people should also realize that games on Linux do not have the same history of development like games on Windows have (yes, I think some people have problems with this, even if they don't know about it). Different systems mean different problems. Basic problems on Windows are already solved. Lots of basic problems on Linux are not solved yet, and everyone has to solve them by themselves. I understand that if a company is among the first companies entering a new platform, nobody can tell them that they failed, because they didn't have answers for everything before they even started.

Sometimes you have to start doing something in order to know what questions to ask, let alone answering them. It's normal. People who don't understand this probably don't have experience in doing anything at all wink.