Raze, thank you for taking time to concisely address my concerns. I do hope you take the plunge into some Linux based distro and are the happier for it. The reason why I really hope for more games for Linux are that I never want a reason to go back to dealing with Windows as I had for more than 10 years (though I must do so at work).

If I may quote you again:
It isn't a case of breaking platforms, but of how much time it would take to support both. Would you want the 1.0.252 Linux version around the time of the next Window and Mac update, and then another delay of "some months" while the engine was updated again with the new code? Unfortunately, updating the Linux engine to code that is already outdated isn't practical.

Does this mean that Windows Linux and Mac versions will be released concurrently with Larians "new" system? Should I expect the Linux port to remain on the back-burner?

If you were betting your company on the success of a game, and almost all of your development experience was with Windows, which platform would you prioritize first?

If I was even thinking of the possibility releasing a Linux port along with a Windows and Mac version (such as a kickstarter goal), I would make sure my entire development team was ready to take such a task seriously or just make no such mention in a stretch goal. Putting a proportionally small number of Linux developers on my important game and expecting them to make magic happen to work around code that is developed almost entirely with Windows in mind would seem to be a waste of money and time, especially if time is precious as it is before a first release date.

I think if Larian has a chance of making things right with Linux users, it's in the update you mention. I did finally get the game working in wine following advice from the WineHQ community, but unfortunately, it just makes me hope for the Linux port all the more.

You have an understanding of how Larian works and what challenges it faces, many of those that are never otherwise exposed to the outside world. I thank you again for your candor and time.