I don't care about difficulty, I don't care about new skills, etc.*


PRIMARY thing I want:
-----Balance amongst EXISTING skills, so that I can have more freedom in creating builds.-----

I mean, literally in this game it's very very obvious what skills you want to pick. Hell, not just pick but cherry pick from different trees, like teleportation spells after getting 1 or 3 or whatever points in the Ranger and Rogue trees. Charm spells.

Some spells have too little or zero penalty for how good they are. Some spells have too much stipulation for how good (or bad) they are.

And no, I'm not going to limit myself to not use those skills.. that goes against the point of playing an RPG.


Secondary things:
-More non-combat stuffies post Cyseal. Well. Make the rest of the game like Cyseal wink
-Better loot progression, and better character progression yadda yadda.

Bugs are a different story. Nothing more to say than to fix 'em as best you can.

*(Exaggerating, I simply don't care as much)

Though I still do NOT want new skills UNTIL what we have currently is balanced. THEN feel perfectly free to add that type of content to the game.


Now all that's been said, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the game.

I just want to replay it but I feel like I'm forced into the same builds again...

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