@Race: Thank you for your detailed information. To be honest I'm also one of those unhappy linux users. Actually you always feel a bit sad if you bag a campaign for their promised OS support, but after it get funded you feel like a 2nd class person - sometimes the support is dropped after the funding, somtimes the linux support is being realised much later on.

To save money and time it's always a good idea to have ONE code base from the very beginning. This also what the devs on Valves the Steam Dev days say.

Of course I do understand that it's always hard to start something from the scratch. Therfor I do appreciate that Larian is going to support linux! Since the enginge can handle linux soon, I really do hope future games will have linux support as well. And I also hope they'll have that around the time the windows version is being released.

I do also understand that 90 % of the revenue is made by windows users, 8-9 % from Mac and only 1-2 % - but the linux market is growing! In the meantime some publishers / game studios mentioned that 1 % is allready enough to pay off for porting their games to linux. This is why you can see all (actually NOT all) those nice indie and AAA titles out there being realeased for linux nowadays as well.

So in conclusion: Thanks for the updates! Thanks for the efforts! Please keep linux on the road maps for future games. But please, please try to not put us as much behind as it happened this time - otherwise the GNU/LINUX community will loose there trust in what Larian promises and won't support future campaigns I guess.