Get ready for nerd-rage should it be decided to announce Linux support on this new project as there is already resentment brewing in Reddit (no surprise) and on Linux gaming blogs. I know that art sound and other groups on Larians team now have something to do, but I don't think that most people will understand this before it is explained. Particularly seeing how Larian would certainly have to draw on their code development team on this new project, and of those perhaps those working with Linux development, one might assume that Larian will be leveraging the developing code base of D:OS and creating their new project based on this technology. I hope this is indeed the case.

If I may invoke your words again, Raze:
" it surprising that Larian would rather focus on actually working on the update than posting progress reports (which would still get criticized anyway)?"

Actually, in light of the rather long and disappointing delay of the Linux version, I think some videos or regular statements of progress could really help the community understand what is going on. Waiting until Larians forums are filling with FUD to post a tidbit of news along with a lot of explaining to quell the masses is a reactive strategy and I would think that being a little more proactive would take far less energy and have far better results.

Many of us don't know exactly what goes on in a game development studio (sometimes, most of the devs don't either), we certainly don't know what particular difficulties Larian faces, so helping us understand along the way and sharing Larians struggle would certainly make *me* feel more involved and supportive instead of just placated after I've voiced some frustration.

Let's make up an analogy. Your CEO makes a public statement that the company has had a great year and the it is treating it's investors and employees to a party to celebrate at the end of the year.

You find out that there was in fact a party in December held for the investors and that a special party for employees is also planned later. You know that the investors make it possible for your company to exist and don't have a problem with such special treatment for them and look forward to the employee party with people you know and worked hard with.

January comes and no word from upstairs. Rumor is that there is a really exciting development about to occur this year and the energy is being diverted for this big push. You and your crew ask management about the party, but you feel awkward doing so because you know she has been working late on this new development.

You get an official reply from the CEO himself personally apologizing about the delay of the employee party and he promises that there will be a huge celebration with both investors and employees on the official announcement of the new big thing. This new big thing will move the company far ahead and everyone is expected to get some kind of promotion or bonus. He states that he hopes you all as excited as he is about the new big thing and you will do what you can to see it through.

This was just a party, icing on the cake, and you still have a good job with a company that seems to be moving ahead.

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