[quote=cRaZy-bisCuiT]I do also understand that 90 % of the revenue is made by windows users, 8-9 % from Mac and only 1-2 % - but the linux market is growing! In the meantime some publishers / game studios mentioned that 1 % is allready enough to pay off for porting their games to linux. This is why you can see all (actually NOT all) those nice indie and AAA titles out there being realeased for linux nowadays as well.[/quote]
You are quoting desktop usage percentages. These are [i]not[/i] proportional to revenue. The best counter example I can give is how Humble Indie Bundles, which publish revenue statistics, show how 20-25% of the revenue comes from OSX users, 20-25% from Linux users, and the rest from Windows users[1]. Using your numbers, that means that 1% of the market is responsible for over 20% of the revenue. This is the reason many developers who are not too entrenched in the Windows ecosystem (i.e. mostly Indies) consider it worthwhile to port to other platforms since such a potentially huge amount of their revenue comes from outside Windows.

[1]: I drew these stats from looking at the first two Humble Indie Bundles. They skew toward Windows later on, but I believe this is largely due to the fact that many of the later Bundles are Windows-only bundles.

**Edit: I'm sorry for the messed up quote. It seems quotes get disabled in the actual post, even though the preview looked fine.

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