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The Linux version is skipping the D:OS release, and being updated to the most current version for the Enhanced Edition.

I am glad with that. I'd rather see a linux version in a progressive branch which can also be used for new games and wait another few months before I can play it.

Same here. Means I actually may replay on Linux once it is out, which I would not have done if it was exact the same game, only at a different patchlevel. Still, remains to be seen how different it really is.

What has me worried though is the following statement from Swen: "[...] it壮 better the Enhanced Edition has Linux support instead of the original D:OS. It improves the chances of our future games having Linux support too, though I don稚 want to commit to that just yet."

With more and more of the games I like coming out on Linux, there comes a point where I just can no longer be bothered with Windows. Would be a shame to miss out on "that very big RPG that will dwarf them all".