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Still waiting on the refund, hopefully that gets processed soon...

You really want to quit after waiting for 2 years?
It's like being at 95%, and then wanting to go back.
Of course you have every right, because you have supported them for bringing out a linux version (I also did not play it yet).
But they had to cut some corners (as they were almost bankrupt) and pre-release the real D:OS (which is now called enhanced) to get a cash-flow again.
So our version (the linux version) is not the pre-release, but the version as Sven intended it, the version I actually payed for. Kinda like GTA-V for console and now GTA-V for pc (which I cannot play, damned principals).

My issue is that I don't really trust that it will actually be released on Linux and we've been waiting a long time. I hope it is, but I'd rather get my money back and have the option to buy it later once the support is actually there

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