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Would you have preferred Larian just update the Linux version to the (already outdated at the time) release version of the game, thus not getting the updates in the Enhanced Edition?
I would've preferred it if Linux would've been given the game it was promised, with the updates everyone else has gotten. I think that's fairly reasonable.

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What make you think there is going to be a huge jump in requirements? On Windows the switch to 64 bit only and DX 11 will have more of an impact. For Linux anyone who can not play the Enhanced Edition would likely, at best, barely have been able to play D:OS.

You say "on Windows"; will the Linux version not require you to have DX11-compliant hardware, too? No-one was talking about a huge jump in requirements, as you've been told before. It's a strawman of your own making.

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In that case what happens is the same as it is for Windows and Mac: sooner or later people will upgrade their systems and be able to play.

Saying that people will "sooner or later" be able to play the game isn't just condescending, it's spoiled and classicist. Just because you've got money coming out of every orifice doesn't mean that others do.

Overall, the Enhanced Edition is a bit as if your landlord promised you a new sink. Over time, the sink grew into a promise of a remade bathroom. Then months later it turns out that you're going to be given this whole new apartment, adapted for the physically disabled, but you'll only get it if you've got a car over a value of $100 000. But it's OK, because at least you still have your old apartment with the shitty sink and crumbling walls.

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