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Also, this talk of upgrading systems and increasing requirements worries me, because the Linux performance may be subpar, due to faults in the game, and the devs just claiming you need a better system.

Hard to say in this case, but I upgraded my PC last in 2008, and even then I only spent 400€ for board, RAM, CPU and GPU*. Yet, that box runs games on Linux just fine (Civilization Beyond Earth, Pillars of Eternity, Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Broken Sword 5). It also didn't break a sweat with D:OS on Windows.

It's true, the EE won't work on Windows for me, as the GPU is DirectX 10.1 only. But I do not worry too much about running the Linux version. After all, the existing OpenGL version runs on a Mac with integrated Intel graphics! (So again, no reason to upgrade :-(.)
[*] 4GB, Core 2 Duo@2500Mhz, Geforce 9600GT