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Actually, you were apparently fine with little information. It was only once information started to be released, with official announcements, etc, that you started the refund process.

The entire conversation about not being able to play the EE is based on the Windows version switching to DX 11 rather than 9c, and the move to 64 bit only.
The performance of the engine has improved, due to better multithreading, etc.

No that's incorrect, the reason why I asked for a refund in the first place was you mentioned that refunds were possible in a steam thread, before the annoucnement was made. So, I just did it now because before I didn't think it was possible. After it was made I was still interested in the refund.

Here's the thread I mentioned (http://steamcommunity.com/app/230230/discussions/0/37470847983004609/#c613957600526562813). As you can see, that was before the new version was announced.

Also, in terms of information, all we know is that the Linux version may be coming in the future. No information on the improvements made to the Linux version, such as performance or rendering, or progress.

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