Just to chime in:
The D:OS enhanced version is D:OS as it should have been but to budgetting problems could not be before a new funding took place.
So you have to look at it this way:
D:OS current -> D:OS pre-release to get cashflow
D:OS enhanced -> D:OS (as it should have been)
So we linux users are getting the version that we payed for at kickstarter.
2 years of waiting is nothing compared to ordering an openpandora, that took for some 3 years to deliver.
To be able to create the good version that we are getting, the developers have worked their asses of to get the pre-release sold. Their very job was in jeopardy.
With the new cash-flow the developers could finally continue our good version.
So developers, larian, I thank you for the risks you took. And I can wait.
Kickstarter is for funding things like this. The risk is that you might have to wait longer (that's not a might, the question is how long, because no kickstarter delivers in time), have to ask for a refund (linux version not delivered or scrapped), or that your money is really gone. If you cannot be patient, the best is not to fund through kickstarter, but wait for the release.