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That was after it was revealed there would be an announcement very soon, which would include information about the Linux version.
There is no 'may'; the EE has been officially announced for Linux and SteamOS.

D:OS was also announced for Linux. laugh

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It was also mentioned in the comments for the latest blog post that there is an OpenGL build for Windows, as well, but Swen wasn't familiar with the details and thought there were some problems with it. Assuming those issues can be resolved, that may potentially remove the requirement for a DX 11 card in Windows.

That wasn't my point, though hehe.

I just wanted to illustrate that a cheap, 7 year old PC is sufficient to run a game like D:OS EE (on Linux).

OpenGL drivers on Windows (for consumer-grade GPUs) are definitely worse than their DX counterparts (and most likely deliberately so). OpenGL on OSX is also worse than it could be. So the (proprietary) Linux drivers may actually be the best of the bunch. As I said, I've no worries that D:OS EE for Linux would not run on my box.

In all fairness, I have to add that I run stuff at 1280x1024 only ... my 13yo LCD also fails to die on me :-(.

It's hilarious that, if I understood everything correctly, if D:OS:EE ends up being released for Linux after all, I'll actually be able to play it... if I switch to Linux.

That's just so ridiculous on multiple levels it's hard to even believe. Not even sure whether to laugh or cry at Larian's idiocy on the issue.

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