I am not affiliated with Larian in any way Luckmann, so allow me to express what is probably on many a mind.

You are really FUCKING STUPID.

And because, being one, you are quite likely unable to comprehend just how it is people can reach said conclusion in regards to your person:

You will be able to play the EE on ALL, ALL platforms. For free.
In fact, despite better graphics, full camera angle (meaning areas are fully drawn now, ie more to render) more content, more audio to read, etc etc, Swen has stated that the perfomance is better than it was on the old, DX9 version.
Now if the above presents an insurmountable challenge for your brain to overcome, allow me to assist you further:

TLDR? I strongly suggest you seek a lobotomist.

Raze? Can't you lock this thread? You guys left it open for people to complain when they had a right to, and that was pretty nice of you. Now that they no longer do..

Pride, honour and purity