@SirDirty: You are missing the point on what people are complaining about. I should preface by saying (as I've said before) that the wait was _not_ the main reason I ever posted on this thread. The problem is not that we had to wait. The problem is that we were the _only ones_ who had to wait and exorbitant amount of time, and we never got very much acknowledgement except a few tidbits of non-information and outright BS. You don't think people have a right to demand for more, but that's your own opinion...one which you don't seem to support well.

a) I paid for D:OS, not D:OS EE. I wanted--within reasonable error--to get the same experience than every other person who supported the game.

b) Comparing a game to a piece of hardware is questionable to begin with. But Pandora was an entirely different beast, where uncertainty was a much bigger unknown. The two year delay for _this_ project are not within reasonable expectation for the size of the team working on it, and the reasons given are comedic. Linux support was clearly put on the lowest priority of the Larian backburner. Whether you are OK with it or not is not remotely constructive to the conversation.

I am glad you are indifferent to the situation, but why are you even saying so here? Having a circlejerk of hate is not productive, but all anybody wanted was to either communicate to the team (you are not part of it) or to get some answers (you provided none). The only conclusion I can draw is that you are just trying to be antagonistic.

@Aenra, Unlike SirDirty, you are just being a troll. Find something more productive? It wouldn't be unreasonable for this thread to be locked at this point, but it would be even more warranted to ban you. Being a clown that just tries to make others feel bad is low and that seems to be something that has no place in this forum.