You have been taught, as it is a norm most essential to the well being of our westernised world, that the hardest step a person can take is to look, really look, in the mirror.
Whereas in fact, the hardest step one can initiate for themselves is the one that ---enables--- them to comprehend just WHAT it is the mirror is showing them.

Petty, insignificant details for some, but nonetheless.
This is a public forum, so you are entitled to your shallow opinions. Simply allow me to state my own, as, it being public, others get to read all this too. If they are as retarded as you two, chances are they might form a wrong impression. We would not necessarily need that.

The facts are simple.
1) a delay. Fact. As such, complains regarding the previous version valid.
2) a "proper" release, playable on all platforms, aka EE version incoming. Fact. All complaints null.

You could not run it in all platforms. Once (re)launched you will. Your waiting is already included, see fact one. There.
Now re-read your posts, and attempt to eploy something beyond your usual scope, ie some grey matter. Form your own conclusions about the manner, and content, of your own posts. In light of that. You need not come back here and phrase it, if saving some 'face' is paramount to you, you can always keep your conclusions to your selves. The world will happily continue to move onwards.

Pride, honour and purity