To be fair this solution is much better!

The advantages:
  • You can keep playing the old original game without any fear of losing your save games. This is because the changes are so vast that old save games is not going to be compatible with the new version. Imagine all the criticism that would have come if the original game was suddenly upgraded and everyone lost all of their save games...
  • According to Larian the story is better, the battles are better balanced, and the game is a better experience overall.
  • All characters now have voice so you don't have to read that much if you don't want to. Just listen to what they have to say.
  • The game is lifted to DirectX 11 which will increase performance.
  • The game is ported to consoles which will make you able to play it on a console as well as a PC. There are even two different user interfaces, one is the already present UI suited for mouse and keyboard (which might even be improved), the other is a new UI suited for a controller.

The disadvantages:
  • The game is lifted to DirectX 11 which will make it unplayable on old Windows computers. You need a graphic card that supports DirectX 11