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So everything that was promised for the game... except it's not for the game, and you're hosed if you don't conform to the standards of the new game.

Yeah, having a hard time seeing the "better" in the situation. I personally see lying and deceiving to be worse than losing the savegames to an obsolete game.

There are people who pledged for D:OS during the Kickstarter campaign and then found out that they cannot play the (original) game because their hardware does not meet the minimum requirements. I was one of those people and had first to upgrade my system. However, I do not remember anyone complaining (and ranting in all possible threads) that Larian lied and broke their promise because thay said the game would have moderate requirements and would be playable on an average laptop and so on.

As Raze and others have already pointed out, you still have a game in a perfectly playable state (which by the way won multiple GOTY awards - so it cannot be THAT bad and THAT buggy!). While it is disappointing that you cannot immediately play the EE edition, one day you will upgrade your system and you will be able to play the free EE edition.

As a sidenote: I was looking forward to Witcher 3 and even thought about pre-ordering it. However, having seen those whooping minimum req, I knew that I would probably have to wait a year or two before I could consider buying a computer which can handle it.

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