@Aenra Even for a forum, that is the most inane diatribe I have ever read in my life. Granted, I read forums once every blue moon. I know you think that you put someone in their place, and I am glad for you. Entertaining a simpleton (as evidenced by the entirely gratuitous and uninspired aggression) is fine by me. If you want me to reciprocate some advice, just stay exactly who you are...being an angry clown seems to be your only marginally redeemable quality. Or maybe you are just constipated 24/7, no judgement then.

@Haleseen I don't need to dual-boot, and being able to do that is not a remarkable skill. I am a graduate student doing solid state physics simulations and analyze/present data every day and not once have I needed to use Windows. So...please explain to me, in my position, why exactly would it be "wise" of me to use Windows? To play a videogame? I beg you to enlighten me. And nobody is having a hard time reading anything, except perhaps you. See, people are reacting to the information that they read, not to any particular misconception in what they read. "no ifs and buts" you say...really? here is very simple but: ...but you have to keep waiting. Honestly, not a huge deal in the big scheme of things, but clear proof that you are not even trying to make sense.

Honestly, I didn't know nonconstructive and unwarranted hostile posting was the modus operandi of this forum. You guys are not providing any information, you are not giving any new perspective on the issue, and you are not even being humorous. Clearly you just want to alienate people to make yourself feel superior. At this point I don't even think it is trolling, just some self-important nonsense. At worst, complaining is childish. But your aimless bullying is truly just low.

protip: if you think a thread is dumb, ignore it and let it die. It doesn't help your (perverse) ego, but it is constructive to the forum.

tl;dr: zzZZzzZZZZZ