I am not particularly inclined to comment on just what a level of immaturity and insecurity one must be so as to indirectly announce they will be ignoring me prior to actually ignoring me.. Rather than just going ahead and doing so, which is indeed their right and well for them to exercise it;

I can also not find the energy to show in detail, because simply relating something to an autist is pointless, how wall texting something that can fit in a couple of lines will never, ever equate changing it. Fatcs being ..facts.. they are there to remain;

I will only explain, again since apparently each and every one of the "offended" parties seemed to "coincidentally" fail to notice my stating it, that this being a public forum, we got a lot of people coming in to read posts. Yours included. Impressions.
When therefore two simple facts, the second rectifying the issues brought forth by the former, are more than enough to both showcase the entirety of information available and curtail the misinformation, whining and inane commenting previously abundant, you may indeed count on me posting to pinpoint just such facts.

If my way of expressing myself (when in regards to your precious special person) offends you, perhaps you should first take a moment to analyse just what your way of posting signifies, in light of your person, and forfeit focusing on me. If only for the seconds it would take for you to notice that your selfish, ego centered whining aside, nothing, nothing whatsoever has been accomplished here. Hence my typing whatever it is i have so far typed.

If, and i know you actually are, find yourselves incapable of processing the above information, be the mature person and ignore me. Do not respond by simply adding more nonsense to an already nonessical thread. The fact that this thread remains open, and that a Larian employ has to babysit all your complaints even after the company has promised to rectify said Linux delay shows you all you'd need to know in regards to Larian and their ethics. All else is superficial, unwarranted and again, UN-productive.

If you think that people capable of posting NOTHING BUT superficial, unwarranted and again, UN-productive posts are anything but stupid? Then yes, feel free to feel offended by my calling you such. You are more than entitled to. Just do keep in mind that this a company's forum, not your forum. The guidelines here are quite possibly not those that (in your selfishness) you'd wish them to be smile

Pride, honour and purity