@nstgc: Well, 83% (while minGW is for GCC on windows) of the programs that you have listed can be used on Windows as well.

When/if you actually get a job somewhere, you're going to be using professional tools and applications that are most likely to not be supported on a linux OS. If that job only uses only MS Exchange or cares about security the slightest? Good luck having your linux... You have to fit your company, not the other way around.

MATLAB for instance, is primarily for windows operating systems, while it can work on linux it wasn't made specifically for it; and having ample support for the products that you use is key to actually doing anything since you can't do anything if it's broken or won't do what you want.

So to put it simple, why are you limiting yourself to one OS and complaining about why a game isn't working on that OS, when there's another OS that does have the game working on it? You seem to have a good computer and should know that device drives work a hell of a lot better on Windows than on Linux and as such would get a lot better performance on Windows. If anything, why not run Linux in a VM if all you use are basic tools like vim and gcc? That would solve all of your issues.