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Easily explained by several patches requiring a restart of the game. I have not finished the game but I have been through Cyseal around 5 times and I absolutely HATE it.

Imagine how we alpha/beta backers feel, for us even on release it was already the x th time to play through Cyseal. And that city does not get better the more you play it...

Yeah, I'd imagine that it's quite possible to get 'Cysealed out', kind of like I had. I played through the beta entirely with a team that I really liked, and then I had to start over for the new game and just couldn't get a team that I liked like the old team that I had, now I'm just waiting to re-play with the new version of the game now that it's been a significant amount of time that I've last played.

hah, yeah I guess I really was 'Cysealed out' had to force myself to push through (And thankfully I had no major bugs at least..) and this is also why I didn't play the game again after beating it once.

I hope the EE doesn't "Enhance" Cyseal.. because one thing that city doesn't need is more content. This would be the first time *ever* I as gamer thought to myself "this needs stripping" ... and not even really removing things, but rather just moving things OUT of the city, into huts in the wilderness, into smaller encounters on the road etc...

Just to cut up the immense "wall of text" that you hit when you are in Cyseal and quest there, for the needed level ups and monies to get skill-books.. oh well. Even knowing the dialogs doesn't really make that any less.. easier.