I've been considering releasing the source for MooseEdit. Is this something that anyone would be interested in?

Using the source code, I think it would be relatively easy to make a mod manager (for example) that lets you add/remove mods from an in-progress game as well as enumerates and displays the mods in a user-friendly way.
It would probably also be easy for someone to port MooseEdit to another platform like Mac or Linux. It's coded using entirely portable functions and a crossplatform front-end (Qt UI).

Not to mention there's some useful things that the editor could be programmed to do but just isn't there yet. Like the ability to browse all existing items in the game world and move them into your inventory (rather than generating new items out of nothingness), or to add greater than 4 characters to your party (like a persistent 10 player server maybe, that would be interesting).

I've already added all the features that I see as necessary at this point

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