The problem with Cyseal is that Larian wanted it to start out as more of a detective type game. Your to go interrogating NPCs and finding clues. The players wanted to jump into a game full of combat and action. Monsters were too tough until you gained the 2 levels doing the Cyseal quests and found gear.

The game starts off even stating the reason why your to go to Cyseal is to discover why Jake was killed. You really have no business to go outside of Cyseal until you finish that quest. Though what "we" wanted to do was something far different.

In Divinity: Sword of Lies, you only spend a small amount of time in Aleroth. By "Facing all the dragons to the north" you can start killing stuff instantly. Find it is very hard, go into Aleroth to kill all the bunnies to heal, then go back into the dungeon. VERY short time in Aleroth compared to Cyseal and that is where Larian falls short.

How I'd re-do it would be several encounters with zombies and skeletons arising out of the ground in a few areas to help the local military kill them off. This would happen while investigating the death of Jake.

I know what the ADHD does to gamers, I used to have it really bad when I was in middle-school until I matured and overcame a lot of the issues. Though when I get bored or tired, it becomes a tough battle to stay focused. On my first play through, I missed the whole Hiberheim portion and went on to the immaculate trials.

Normally a Larian game would have forgiven this until I'd eventrually resolve the quest later on. Here I found that if you don't do quests in order, you end up with severe combat imbalance. Such as if enemies are one or two levels above you, your warrior and rangers cannot hit them, hit chance was 30% of lower for me. Though mages can take them out without problems as long as rangers and warriors became "cannon fodder".

I'm still going to grade Larian on this issue as I would expect many players to make the same mistake I did. If combat remains this messed up, less players will complete the game. As for walkthrew, I am a gamer that thinks they fall into two categories.

1.) Last resort. Totally clueless in how to continue playing and just stuck without direction.
2.) Finished the game's main campaign, though want to fully complete it and find out what was missed.

I figured out how to get to Hiberheim after getting fully stuck and saw this was a quest that I just passed by and revisited it. At that point I had done so much combat that it really didn't bother me there was no more fighting and felt more as a refreshing break. Plus smashing up those monsters I fought them and did more experimentation with abilities I wasn't actively using.

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Every time there I run into trouble on the road, there is always a dwarf at the bottom of it. Don't they know how to drive above ground?