Yeah, if you expected an actual patch or continued support of D:OS - like was promised - you're completely hosed.

So if I get an extended edition along my Steam version, which is a patched and supported version of D:OS... how are we hosed again?

I remember having to pay for Deus Ex Human Revolution's upgrade... and I'm still pissed at Daedalic for bundling and patching the Deponia games into one and then having absolutely no PR so I have to find out about it much later and be charged 40 euro for a patch... there's a hosed situation...

@Lightning: Funnilly I was able to finish the game with no problems... despite the admitedly 1000's of bugs I note down in my bug-thread.
(What I would like is less reliance on tiny tiny buttons... was pounding my head a bit at a certain end-game area when I looked it up on the forums and the progression was blocked behind such a tiny button)