Ugh, no, quest markers are one step away from MMO "go here, do that, we don't even bother typing directions or stuff" quests... just compare Baldur's Gate II to Dragon Age, deterioration in progress. Got worse each DA sequel too...

IMO the expansion to Divinity II was a major improvement over the base game... going around town, questing, having a plot... much more interesting than ploughing through out-door area over and over for... what? Moving on to point B most of the times... exiting, eh?

Baldur's Gate had the same effect, in both I and II the cities are *the* most interesting thing in the game. As soon as II progressed into a linear "move through areas X,Y,Z to continue" it becomes a chore, and I pretty much always drop it at that point since Athkatla and it's side-areas are just superior.

Also, as stated before; you have to take into account a lot of Steam-copies aren't used. For example several games have 'boot the game' achievements which you pretty much get as soon as you start, and often it's around 40% achieved too. Lifting up that 5% by quite a bunch to more real statistics.