I didn't finish because I ran into a bug that didn't allow me to progress my story. The winter king or whatever his name was had his loot fall under the ground when I killed him. Then I spent 2 days combing through the entire game only to finally fold and consult a guide. Little did I know the loot that fell through stopped me from using the elemental forge and freeing the witch which left me stranded.

I cleared all the other areas and side quests where possible. The only leads I had afterwards were killing a mother and her child for a possible lead on the wizard( had to kill people I didn't want to for bugged quests before. Refused to do it this time.) and trying to make sense of the orckish puzzle which no doubt wasn't solvable without progressing the story. Needless to say getting like 90% done and then being told to start from scratch with the possibility to get bugged out of the story again didn't appeal to me.

The enhanced edition looks neat though. Maybe I can trust a full play through when it comes out.

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