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And? The Linux version will be released about the end of October. The D:OS 2 Kickstarter will not interfere with or delay the D:OS EE release. If people do not find the explanation for the situation with the Linux version acceptable, they can choose not to back D:OS 2.

Plans and goals are not promises, just like a game is not a feature list. There were features with D:OS that were changed, expanded and cut back due to feedback or just simply things not working out as anticipated (like the mega dungeon being cut up, some levels dropped and the rest used in other locations). The normal development process commonly involves features being cut, and sometimes platforms or localizations, etc.

I'm sorry Raze, but you're just being unreasonably defensive. Larian messed up and now they have a bunch of annoyed Linux users calling them out on it. I'm quite willing to cut Larian *a lot* of slack since they've always been very open with us (the backers) in a way no other development studio has been but that doesn't mean I choose to be blind to mistakes that were made. You can't just try to brush this of as "development happens", because no, it does not (this is a "planning" issue, not development). And saying that "things can change, deal with it" is borderline insulting, this isn't just a feature of the game being cut, this is the entire game being unavailable to some people.

Larian simply tried to cut corners by focusing on the Windows version first and "porting later", that almost never works out (the other way around would probably have been way less problematic though), I'm sure they learned from that mistake but I'd still say Linux using backers have every right to be pretty damn annoyed and frankly I'd also have greatly preferred seeingplaying at least a beta of the Linux version before they launched another KS (*hint*).

Personally I just played the game on Windows*, however, I would never have pledged as much as I did if they hadn't promised a Linux version and since they still haven't followed through on that promise I'm seriously wondering if I should pledge this time around and whether, if I would do so (which is likely, unless they don't even promise a Linux version this time around) it will be anywhere near the order of magnitude of my D:OS pledge (far less likely, unless they promise a simultaneous release on all platforms, though if they then fail to deliver on this in a big way I'll be all out of goodwill).

*for now (also the only thing I use Windows for), given all the privacy concerns with Windows 10 I doubt I want to install that thing even on a machine only used for playing games.

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