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[quote=ka1man]If you buy a product preinstalled, well then you pay for that.
Look for HP ZBook 17 G2 in your favourite shop.
You could buy it for x money without OS (freeDOS) or for x +100 with Win preinstalled.

Most of people choose preinstalled Win even its more expensive.

Most people do not have the choice, because they do not know to look for specific hardware from specific vendors. We'll see whether that may change once Valve releases their Steam Machines.

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Most companies who has IT specialist so could support Linux specialty choose to pay. Why?
Because owners of the companies find out Win is cheaper. Less TCO. Thats it.

We're not talking about companies here. They are not Larians audience. Regardless, companies do have very specific needs in regards to the software they use, and that limits what IT can do.

Thing is, more people would use Linux on their PC if it were readily available (they happily use it on their Android device, even though they could buy a Windows Phone).

But all arguing is moot. The point is that Linux support was part of the Kickstarter. And I would not be surprised if the number of backers for which Linux support was an important feature was greater than 0.89%.

Just for the record, I personally am fine if Linux support comes late in form of the EE, but then I wasn't a backer. But I did buy it with the expectation that I could eventually play on Linux. And I will not back OS2 if it does not come with Linux support.