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Educate me please. There is 99% of people who rather pay then use a thing for free. Lets have two cars, one cost 100Eur another one is for free. Most of the users owns the car for 100. Why ?

Hm, lets take a look on the market and buy a new pc with... uuh.. win preinstalled, today its protected with uefi bios too. Money, its all about the money, microsoft has just a good marketing. Why servers, not just webservers, most of the time run on linux ?

The list is long and the pro and con list is older then the pc itself...
I also know the times i compiled my kernel on my own because i have too.
I have windows aswell but just boot into windows to play games and thats the long driving motor behind windows, the games.
The use of Linux is mot just a statement for vegans and people you listed.
How do you upgrade 20 different softwares ? I push one button and wait a few seconds/minutes and you ?
I do it on windows too, klick the update, download it, deinstall the old version in some cases first, install the update, and so on for each application.
Windows 10 is trying to make things better, but for the cost of what ? You read the license terms ? You know what there scan and collect from you ?

Linux systems have a stable desktop today and are a real alternative for windows. But, as far as people or devolopers, especially gamedevelopers, still see linux as a small market with no chance, this will never change.