Based on the kickstarter update 11 where we heard some details on the single player experience, I wanted to give a bit of feedback.

Unfortunately I will not really have the opportunity to play multiplayer with my friends due to scheduling, thus I am focusing on the single player experience.

What I liked from the kickstarter 11 update:
- you can control each character fully as opposed to D:OS where e.g. vendors wouldn't talk to the NPC companions.

What worries me or what I didn't like:
- I can only create 1 character, it sounds like the game auto creates the rest
- the roleplaying feature from D:OS between the 2 player characters has been removed in favor of an automated reactive system

What I was hoping for was the feature to create all 4 party members, so I can get the classes and races I want. That is not possible.
What I was also hoping for was full ability to roleplay all characters, not playing of an automated reaction system. That is also not possible.

I really hope you will introduce these features with an option to give full freedom in creation and roleplaying, maybe as an option to either activate auto party member creation and AI or not. Or how about making it so I as a single player can create a multiplayer game and just control all 4 characters?
I am not suggesting completely removing the automated stuff as some really like that, however those of us who enjoy complete freedom please reconsider putting in an option to fully create and control all party members.

Anyway that is some immediate feedback based on the kickstarter update 11 video. Really hope you consider increasing the freedom to roleplay all characters fully.

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