@Gnoster ICFZEbra asked about roleplaying multiple characters and Swen himself answered
You don't have to be disappointed. You can play like what you describe. The only thing you can't do in the default setting is evolve the relationship but I imagine that we'll leave the option in to role-play that too, because we already have it and it's what we're using to play/test the game.

Also I think that you can just open a multiplayer game for yourself (even in splitscreen on pc if necessary and you manually drop out the "second" player)

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I just didn't like the fact that AI companions won't act against us, ever. At least that's what I understood. They won't ever leave or attack us no matter how appalling or insulting we are to them.

If we reach Love&Hate via Paypal then Larian will probably include some sort of consequence into it. I think they meant that they do not implement an AI that solves quest in their own way.

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