Some good input in this thread. As we all expect there are different preferences on how to play single player. I kind of divide the input like this:

1) The player creates the first PC, the rest of the party is auto created by the game (including race, origin, and skills), and dialogue between party members is based on a relationship status between the members.
Now the relationship can be divided into two subcategories:
a) Party members other than the main character are set to disagree when appropriate, but never work directly against the main character
b) Party members other than the main character are set to disagree when appropriate as well as directly work against the main character, e.g. setting them to "War" status will then remove control of the character until that "war" is resolved somehow.

2) The player creates all 4 party members with full control of race, origin, and skills, and any dialogue between the party members is chosen 100% by the player, never by the system. The relationship status system could still exist under this for those who want to pursue romance (if that stretch goal is reached).

I 100% acknowledge not all want complete freedom of all 4 characters and I do think the first option should be allowed. All I am hoping for is that the second option is there as well for those of us, who prefer that and want to roleplay that (whether starting a multiplayer game but not inviting any other player is a mechanically valid option is a question for a developer, so can't answer that). Personally I think all the above 3 options would be awesome to have, as it gives a lot of replayability.

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