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What worries me or what I didn't like:
- I can only create 1 character, it sounds like the game auto creates the rest
- the roleplaying feature from D:OS between the 2 player characters has been removed in favor of an automated reactive system

This is something I also came to like, actually. While a little bit strange at first, it was tremendous fun to play out the interactions between the two.

Though maybe if we have more than 4 companions to chose from, and they are written better than the D:OS ones, I won't miss that feature too much. It was a feature that set D:OS apart from any other party based RPGs, however.

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I just didn't like the fact that AI companions won't act against us, ever. At least that's what I understood. They won't ever leave or attack us no matter how appalling or insulting we are to them. EDIT: They haven't mentioned how many companions there are, actually. So if it's only 3, then them not leaving would be a gameplay choice and not a story one.

Same here. What's the point if they cry foul, but at the end of the day, there are no consequences. Sure, with the Love & Hate stretch goal, we may not be able to win their affection if we constantly act against their will, but that's not such a big deal.

As strange as it was, I'd rather see a RPS to fight out opposing opinions with the party members than just have them whine about my decisions after the fact. Better yet, have dialogue to convince them of my point (which is already present for the multiplayer part, I believe), with success or failure depending on stats or origin or current standing with the NPC. And failure should mean just that ... you don't get to do what you initially wanted (i.e. looting the body).

In general, I find it a bit strange that the companions are supposed to have a mind of their own, but then you are able to directly control each of them in dialogue and make them say things that are out of character.

Either they are AI companions, in which case they should act on their own as much as possible or they are player controlled, in which case I should be able to create them myself at the start of the game.

Even from a gameplay perspective, I think it makes little sense to control them in conversations ... it diminishes the impact of the main characters origin and race, it takes away from the NPCs personality and it also decreases replayability if we can resolve any situation in any possible way.

And, in my opinion, it is completely unnecessary. Should we get to the Shapeshifting Mask goal, we also have the means to impersonate another character in those conversations where it may really matter. What use is there for the mask if we can already be any of 4 different personalities in dialogues at any point in time? In short, sometimes less is more.